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Creativity is one of the most in-demand skills now and it will be that also in the future

Innovation, development and progress are also important to all members of our consortium, which is why we have launched our joint project.

The Project

According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Future of Jobs” it is predicted that by 2025, the world will see a loss of 85 million jobs within the traditional industries and service sector. However, it also predicts the creation of 133 million jobs as a result of the digital revolution. It does not require much imagination to understand that this will need to be followed by a significant reconstruction of existing skills and competencies. WEF has analysed and tried to predict the need of the future workplace. Among the most significant skills are: “Analytical thinking and innovation, Creativity, originality and initiative, Technology design and programming, Critical thinking!”

For all the reasons mentioned above, and since we’re fans of the subject anyway, in the spring of 2021, we finally delved deeper into our beloved topic and launched our joint project, entitled Valuable Creativity.

The OER – About creativity

This content provides the knowledge base, i.e. a summary of the most important knowledge and general information about what creativity is, why creativity is becoming increasingly important especially for companies and in individuals’ lives as well, “what it takes to be creative”. It also provides a comprehensive overview of possible ways to develop creativity and shows some tools and examples related to the previous perspectives.


What is creativity


The role of creativity


Developing creativity


Boost business with creativity


Cooperation with artists


Impact of creativity



An introduction course on how to approach creativity at the workplace and how to find the right methodology to create value in the form of pattern-breaking learning. Extending and developing the competences of educators with a tool, providing adult trainers opportunity to develop innovative learning programs.


Introduce cases on how companies successfully have used creative methods to bring forward new solutions of products, new markets and new ways of work-organisation. Increasing the acceptance of creative methods in companies and increasing the effect of creativity development of employees.

News & Articles

Free courses – The role of creativity in companies

Free courses – The role of creativity in companies

“About Creativity” (OER) and “Valuable Creativity in Companies” (MOOC) is a great opportunity for company leaders, and stakeholders, to enrich their knowledge related to the positive impact of creativity. Case studies, methods, and tools on how to bring forward new...

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Free courses for creative professionals

Free courses for creative professionals

About creativity (OER) and Creativity at work (MOOC) is a great opportunity for company trainers and instructors to get new knowledge related to the role of creativity in workplaces and expand their toolbox to build up courses and training activities that can...

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We work together to make businesses, organisations and individuals more successful through creativity and its development.

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