Creativity at work – for trainers and artists


Language, art, scientific thought, and advanced technology are all the results of creative thought. Creative people are always asking questions and finding new solutions to problems. They may be more likely to experiment with ideas in the workplace, which can lead to new processes that benefit everyone.

Creativity at work has become a “must-have”. Today, companies operate in a competitive, global environment, which is making creativity crucial. What does creativity do for companies? Creativity keeps companies moving forward with fresh new ideas and innovation.

Valuable creativity – Creativity at work MOOC

If you are a company trainer / instructor or an artist who works with companies and you would like to build up courses and training activities which can contribute to the creativity of companies, or you would like to use or introduce creative tools to companies to improve their development processes let’s go through this MOOC and expand your knowledge and toolbox.

The Creativity at work MOOC is free, but registration is required. If you register, you can track your progress and receive a certificate of completion.

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