The Project

A perfect match

It seems like a perfect match: companies & enterprises in a constant search for creative ideas and creative ways of doing things in a matchmaking with dedicated artists who have a profound understanding of creativity and how to turn it into concrete outcomes and products (e.g. paintings, books, plays etc.)! The pathway to this matchmaking, however, is not so obvious as it first may seem. To begin with, it requires company management and staff to be open to receive the creativity knowledge and methods introduced by the artist, and to also be able to transform this creativity into tangible measures, designs and formats in the company. It also requires artists who are aware of the conditions and the culture of companies, and what it takes to introduce creativity-oriented methods, which can guide the company and its staff to find pattern-breaking ideas to move forward the success of the company and the workplace


The Valuable Creativity project was successfully accepted by the Erasmus program in 2021 and it involves three partners, one from Slovakia (SIEA Slovakian Innovation), Hungary (Progress Consult) and Norway (Prios Kompetanse).The Project  has taken the challenge to introduce methods and pathways on how artists and adult educators can introduce creativity methods and processes in companies, it aims to present methods and solutions for fostering and developing creativity. The Project introduces an open education resource (i.e. OER) along with 2 open courses (i.e. MOOCs) addressing the nature of creativity, and how it becomes a systematic way of working and learning within the daily company development. Most companies often look at working with creativity in the form of separate events and human resource initiatives in connection with management and staff meetings. In most cases this happens away from the company building and not necessarily linked to the actual and daily problems and challenges of the company. Valuable Creativity, on the contrary, focus on how creativity can be understood as a necessary part of the daily workplace learning system and organised as close as possible to production, logistics and sales.

The outputs of the Project are supplemented by stakeholder events where companies are invited to discuss how they can use the training format of Valuable Creativity. Companies and artist will have been interviewed about their experience working with creativity and creative methods as a part of their learning system. The education resources will be available in English and all three languages present in the partnership i.e., Slovakian, Hungarian and Norwegian too.

About creativity (OER for everybody)

The OER provides the knowledge base, i.e. a compilation of the most important knowledge and general information regarding creativity and its development at the workplace.

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Creativity at work (MOOC for trainers and artists)

An introduction course on how to approach creativity at the workplace and how to find the right methodology to create value in the form of pattern-breaking learning. Extending and developing the competences of educators with a tool, providing adult trainers opportunity to develop innovative learning programs.

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Valuable creativity in companies (MOOC for CEOs and managers)

Introduce cases on how companies successfully have used creative methods to bring forward new solutions of products, new markets and new ways of work-organisation. Increasing the acceptance of creative methods in companies and increasing the effect of creativity development of employees.

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Multiplier events (local multiplier event for everybody)

In spring 2022, we will organise a workshop in all three countries to present the results of the project and meet trainers, artists and managers interested in the topic.